Lighting Automation
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Home control

Lighting automation...

Control virtually any lighting fixture—large or small, interior or exterior, incandescent or CFL or LED.  This unlimited array of options gives you total control of every light in your house.

Add keypads to control ceiling fans and other built-in fixtures such as kitchen disposals and bathroom exhaust fans.

Combine lighting controls with wired or wireless keypads and outlet dimmers or switches to control lamps and other small appliances.

Achieve a specific lighting mood or “scene” anywhere in the house.

Pair TV, audio and comfort options with lighting scenes for total environment control.

Control lights via touch screen, TV remote, smartphone or tablet and PC. Each button on every dimmer,
switch and keypad can respond to single clicks, double clicks, triple clicks and more.

Lighting control

Panelised Solution, Centralized Control...

If you’re building from scratch, you might want to consider a panelised lighting system, which gives unparalleled management of all lighting in your house.

Control of your lighting system is centralized in specialized lighting panels. Because of this, switch and dimmer controls can be minimized to maintain the clean look and feel of your home’s design. This also greatly increases the flexibility and control you can have in both your in-wall and screen-based controls.